HR Tech: A Little Insights Goes A Long Way

HR Tech: A Little Insights Goes A Long Way

Mike Roberts

Well, the Jibe team survived Las Vegas and HR Tech, making it back to NYC in one piece. We didn’t just survive though – we thrived. Once again, the show delivered an awesome mix of great content, great contacts and all sorts of fun. Kudos due to Steve Boese, David Shadovitz and the entire team for putting on an excellent conference.

For Jibe, the show presented a great opportunity to meet with our peers, engage with industry analysts and pundits, learn from some of industry’s brightest thought leaders, and of course, connect with many of our customers. Read on for details from the presentations given by three of our top clients – Comcast, Microsoft and Informatica.

As it has the past few years, analytics seemed to be the pervasive theme at this year’s show. But this year was different. We seem to have moved beyond the ‘hype’ phase and into an era where HR and talent acquisition practitioners are not only applying analytics to their businesses, but starting to yield results. Along that front, Jibe used the show to introduce our latest analytics offering, Jibe Insights, developed specifically for HR and talent acquisition executives.

Insights shot

But enough about us. Our awesome customers are the ones that have truly useful stories to tell about using analytics, and they were out in force. While the presentations from Comcast, Microsoft and Informatica had varying focus, each one touched on their increasing use of analytics to drive a more strategic, results-driven talent acquisition practice. While these companies are at the beginning of our industry’s long-awaited journey toward data-driven recruiting, they should be commended for being first-movers who are blazing a trail for the rest of us to follow. See below for a quick synopsis and embeds of each company’s presentation.


In a breakout session on Day 2 at HR Tech, Comcast’s VP of Talent Acquisition Raúl J. Valentín and Jibe CEO Joe Essenfeld shared insights and learnings from the company’s adoption of mobile recruiting. Raúl said that when he made the decision to go all-in on mobile recruiting, his team debated whether to optimize the application process for mobile before implementing or after. The decision was made to go mobile first, and then analyze the data received to continually optimize the process going forward. As a result, Comcast has seen improvements across the board: Days-to-fill reduced by 11%, cost-per-hire down 9% and total vacancies trimmed by 36%. And again, Comcast is only at the start of their journey.


Jibe was honored to have Microsoft Program Manager Monique Douglas share her talent acquisition team’s experiences with mobile recruiting, automated job distribution and analytics from our booth. Monique highlighted the use of analytics to track all job postings and gain better understanding about which channels are yielding the best results, thereby allowing for greater ROI on the company’s recruitment marketing spend.


Lastly, Jibe also had the pleasure of hosting Informatica’s Global VP of Talent Acquisition Brad Cook from our booth. Brad’s presentation focused on using analytics to drive an optimal candidate experience. Through analytics, Informatica has for the first time ever gained full, start-to-finish visibility into their application funnel. By doing so, the company has been able to streamline its process, resulting in a jump in conversion rate of completed applications from around 40% to 84% in a three-month time period.

A huge thank you goes out to all three of these customers for sharing their stories at HR Tech. Their groundbreaking work in applying analytics to talent acquisition is truly setting a path for all to follow.

Because their experiences and learnings with analytics have been so great, we just had to share. Because sometimes, what happens in Vegas is just too good to stay in Vegas.

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