#HR #Hashtag #Overload in #NYC

#HR #Hashtag #Overload in #NYC

Mike Roberts

Ivan HRU

Much of the HR world descended upon New York City last week for a trifecta of “unconference” events that took place. Many of the industry’s top thought leaders, technologists and practitioners were in Gotham for #HRTechTank, #HRU and #truNewYork. This confluence of events brought forth some amazing discussions, provocative ideas and social media buzz.

Seriously, with a huge collection of the HR blogeratti out in force at these events, the hashtag activity was astounding. There is no way to distill all the content from these events through the written word, so we’ll let the tweets do it for us.


It all kicked off with #HRTechTank, a day for early-stage HR technology companies to connect with influencers and investors, and to learn from industry experts more about the buyers of HR tech and what motivates them. The day featured a buyer’s panel, an investor’s panel and presentations from various experts. Event organizers Taras Polischuk and Aki Kakko put together a great day filled with informative content. Here be the tweets.

The buyer’s panel offered sound advice and a peek into the mindset of the HR technology consumer. 

While the investor’s panel provided guidance for building a solid foundation to attract the necessary capital to grow and grow and grow.

Oh, and the market valuation for HR technology? Also growing. Big time.

In short, #HRTechTank was an awesome way to kick off a two-day blowout of HR tech talk. But not everyone got to participate… sorry @Jibe_Dog.  


#hruNewYork & #truNewYork

On Friday, it was unofficially unconference day, with both Taras and Aki’s #hruNewYork and Bill Boorman’s always-anticipated #truNewYork taking over downtown Manhattan. If you’ve ever attended an “unconference” you know how much fun (and valuable) they can be. The “agenda” is fluid, the discussion flows freely and the ideas fly around at warp speed. Oh, and nary a Powerpoint deck to be found, thank goodness.

Let’s begin with #hruNewYork, which covered a wide range of topics — performance management, leadership, collaboration, etc. But one thread ran through nearly all the sessions: data and analytics. This is, of course, a topic near and dear to us here at Jibe, so we’ll zero in on that. The parallels between recruitment and marketing are too numerous to ignore, and we’ve seen how data has completely transformed marketing over the past 10 years. We’re at the beginning of a similar transformation in recruiting.

Gerry Crispin and Steve Levy began the day talking about candidate experience and how data can help the industry greatly improve it. The data generated by Gerry’s Candidate Experience Awards becomes more and more valuable every year and gets the industry closer to true benchmarking, something we’re all hungry for.

Jibe’s own Ivan Casanova carried the theme through to the next track, leading a lively discussion on how data and analytics will change the game entirely in talent acquisition, and how crucial mobile is to that transformation.



Lastly, Kara Yarnot led a talk on which recruiting metrics really matter, and those that are a waste of time.

For more on Kara’s take on recruiting metrics check out her piece, “Why I Hate Time to Fill.”

Oh, but Kara wasn’t only focused on on data… she had other important matters to settle as well.

Across town, Bill Boorman’s #truNewYork unconference was getting underway to double down on day’s discussion and content. Bill’s events are always buzzing and this one was no different. Here’s just a small sampling of some of the topics discussed in the room and over social media.


And with that, we all headed into the weekend, heads still spinning with inspiration and ideas. And trust us, the above curation only scratches the surface of what occurred over two days in New York City last week. Can’t wait to do it again.

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