HR Check In: How to Stay Relevant in Recruiting

HR Check In: How to Stay Relevant in Recruiting

Emily Check

HR processes and best practices change quickly in today’s world. What used to be a modern and effective way to attract and recruit top talent no longer works as well. This week’s roundup offers some simple, non-intimidating suggestions on how to stay relevant in today’s digital recruiting age.

Handshake 3.0: Staying Digital in the Human Age (Talent Culture)

As the world becomes more and more digital, it’s easy for the personal touch to disintegrate from business interactions. This goes for the hiring process as well. Candidates research for jobs online, apply for them online, network online, and oftentimes experience video interviews online. So how can HR professionals maintain that personal connection and human touch throughout the process? Meghan M. Biro of Talent Culture offers a few helpful tips in this article. Here’s an overview:

  • Do Your Diligence
  • Name Names
  • Be Responsive
  • Be Quick
  • Be Empathetic
  • Speak Small

The New First Rule of Recruiting (

Similar to the article above, this post centers around the idea of keeping the recruiting process enjoyable and genuine. What’s the easiest and most obvious way to do this? Be kind. That boils down to being responsive, and respectful of the candidate’s time. Don’t ghost them! That not only is frustrating to the candidate, but provides them with a negative perception of your brand, which can eventually lead to loss of customer, if the disappointed candidate spreads the word to their network. Sometimes in recruiting, it’s the most obvious things that are the most important.

Career Advice 101: 5 Tips For Building a Strong LinkedIn Recruiting Network (LinkedIn)

Most professionals have a LinkedIn profile, but not everyone uses it to its full potential. This article shares several ways to enhance your profile and take full advantage of the recruiting network. First, make sure you have an updated profile photo, first impressions do matter. Second, make as many relevant connections as you can. The bigger the network, the more opportunity for first and second degree connections that might make a difference in your search. Update your profile and don’t be afraid to re-post and share valuable content. In the digital world, your LinkedIn profile can be an awesome tool to improve your recruiting network.

My Sneaky Trick to Get Your Leadership Obsessed With Employer Branding (Glassdoor)

One of the most common challenges among modern day recruiters is trying to get management to embrace the idea of using employer brand to recruit talent. It might help to take your management team through an HR exercise, to get them excited about the idea of marketing what it’s like to work at your company. This starts with a Workplace Operating Philosophy (WOP). It’s a document designed to set expectations and validate a candidate’s decision to work at your company. It’s really the first piece of authentic employer branding content needed to get the ball rolling.

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