HR Check In: You Can’t Run a Business Without The Right Talent

HR Check In: You Can’t Run a Business Without The Right Talent

Emily Check

A fact that seems obvious – but oftentimes gets overlooked by the workforce – is that businesses cannot function effectively without the right talent. Getting the right talent to an interview, and then matching that talent with your company’s employer brand and culture is no easy feat. Read these four recent articles for ways to find success in all of your hiring goals.

5 Tips for Hiring Good Employees (Business2Community)

Your businesses success depends directly on your employees’ success. But it’s not always easy to determine the right fit of employees for your business. This article shares 5 tips for ensuring success when it comes to recruiting and hiring the best talent. First of all, you should be clear, direct and specific in the job description. And then be sure to ask the right questions and maybe even use behavioral assessments to learn even more about your candidates. Don’t be afraid to check with references before you make the decision to hire someone. And once they’ve been hired, new hire orientation and training is crucial to success.

10 Reasons Why Culture Matters (ERE Media)

Culture is a cornerstone to the success of a business. And in order to have all employees on board and participating, the leadership team must be representative of the culture to motivate employees. It’s important to create a unique company culture because it attracts the right people to apply. An effective work culture is imperative for the foundation of growth within a new company. And if you don’t build and control your own company culture, the culture will end up controlling the company (usually not in a positive way). With all that said, if you have a strong culture, you will have less need to create lots of rules and red tape within the organization.

Employer Branding – Is Candidate Resentment Affecting Your Profits? (Collingwood Executive Search)

Finding candidates that match the value set that your company deems important in its employer brand is tricky. Skills can be taught to a candidate, but behavior and values cannot. If you are continuously hiring candidates that don’t mesh with your company culture, that you’ve presented through your employer brand, you may be losing effectiveness of the business, and therefore profits. Understanding whether your candidates’ view your organization in a positive way will help to shape your employer brand strategy. You can read more in depth about this topic in this Collingwood Executive Search article.

Test the Application Process and Improve Your Candidate Experience (Candarine)

Adapting to the perspective of a candidate, and experiencing your application process first hand can be a game-changer when it comes to getting candidates through your job process. This article provides an extensive list of questions to ask yourself to evaluate your job application process. Companies should seek to maximize the value of their digital channels, marketing and application forms. Anything that makes the process of applying to a job more difficult for the candidate will push them elsewhere. And in today’s rising economy, there are plenty of other companies with open positions.

The largest working population is now comprised of millennials. Check out our latest guide 5 Quick Tips for Hiring Millennials for everything you need to know about attracting and recruiting this generation:

Hiring Millennialscareer site assessment

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