HR Check In: What’s Trending in the Hiring Process?

HR Check In: What’s Trending in the Hiring Process?

Emily Check

Wondering what you need to know to stay on top of your recruitment game? Look no further. This week we’ve gathered four articles that offer refreshing perspectives on a variety of Human Resources topics, including candidate experience, employer brand, and the interview process.

3 More Recruitment Priorities To Focus On (Bounty Jobs)

2016 is right around the corner and it’s never too early to start strategizing and setting goals for a killer year in talent acquisition. As a follow-up to a post last week, Jen Dewar shares the remaining 3 of 6 priorities recruiters are focused on for the upcoming year. The first half of the list includes improving quality of hire, growing talent pipeline, and improving time to hire. Learn why talent acquisition teams should care about increasing retention rates, growing employer brand, and increasing their focus on passive talent in the coming year.

How Candidate Experience Can Measure Brand Impact (Linkedin Talent Pulse)

Matt Alder, Digital Strategist, offers an interesting perspective on the effect of candidate experience on brand impact. Perhaps the most unique idea is the effect of a negative candidate experience on the customer’s brand loyalty. A large mobile phone brand recently did some data analysis on whether a candidate would renew their contract in the future when they reported a negative candidate experience. The results of this data reinforce the idea that measuring employer brand is something all employers should consider. Having access to the feedback of candidates throughout the entire recruitment process will offer talent acquisition teams a new level of understanding that can ignite change within the organization.

4 Ways To Turn Off Global Talent (

35% of employers reported difficulty in filling jobs due to a lack of available talent (according to ManpowerGroup’s survey). And although most companies continue to search outside of local markets to fill open positions, they’re not always taking enough action to appeal to the long-distance job seeker. Some companies might even be turning the perfect candidates away because of the following mistakes:

  1. Having an inadequate career site
  2. Lacking a strong online presence
  3. Having a difficult application process
  4. An interview process that doesn’t go the distance

How Not To Lose A Job Candidate In Ten Days (Business 2 Community)

As consumers, we all know how hard it can be to bounce back from a negative interaction with a brand. No matter how many great experiences the brand may offer, the customer will always remember the negative one. The same goes for the candidate experience throughout the hiring process. Amy Guiel explains how to avoid losing that perfect candidate throughout the interview process by providing a positive candidate experience from start to finish. First of all, avoid the black hole of miscommunication. Your candidates are your customers and they won’t appreciate being left in the dark about the status of the opportunity. Secondly, when letting a candidate know they aren’t the right fit, be delicate and to the point, but never make it too personal.

Candidates are consumers, and providing them with a consumer-quality experience will go a long way when few others are. Read our new eBook, “The Talent Acquisition Leader’s Guide to the New Candidate Journey” to learn more about this topic and what to do about it.

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