HR Check-In: What Are Recruiters Doing Wrong?

HR Check-In: What Are Recruiters Doing Wrong?

Emily Check

recruiting mistakesWondering what your company’s problem is with recruiting top talent? Look no further. This week’s HR Check-In pulls four articles that describe the most common mistakes recruiting organizations make throughout the hiring process. The overwhelmingly common theme: communication is key. Candidates that feel they were kept in the loop, with honest and continuous communication, are most likely to give your company stellar reviews.

Why I Have a Sweet Tooth For a Better Candidate Experience (TalentCulture)

Kevin Grossman of the Talent Board offers his take on the minimum requirements for a positive candidate experience. Simply put, give your applicants the decency of a response. Acknowledge that they’ve taken the time to apply and thank them for their interest. And then, if there isn’t a match between applicant and opportunity, take the time to let them know why. He also offers a slew of statistics that justify his craving of a better candidate experience.

The 4 Biggest Complaints Candidates Have About Recruiters (ERE Media)

The best way to achieve long-term success as a recruiter is through building strong relationships (via communication, honesty, and professionalism) with your candidates. Debra Wheatman describes how to turn candidate complaints into candidate referrals in this ERE Media article. Consider these four mistakes recruiters commonly make that bother candidates the most:

  1. The job did not exist
  2. They never return my calls
  3. They lack expertise in my occupation/industry
  4. They never give me feedback

Stop Talking About Candidate Experience and Start Doing Something! (Linkedin Talent Pulse)

This article shares the story of Dell’s journey to finding a candidate experience that actually serves its purpose, and positively impacts the hiring funnel. For a long time, the team over at Dell talked about candidate experience, without taking any action. Jennifer Jones Newbill shares tips on how companies can design a plan to improve the experience each applicant has every time they interact with your brand. She suggests going through your own apply flow, mapping out a project plan, and checking out the Candidate Experience Awards (CandE’s) to see what people are really saying about the experience your company provides.

How Recruiters Find Top Talent in 2015 [Study] (Undercover Recruiter)

A study called Recruiter Nation, recently released by Jobvite, proves that in a complex and increasingly competitive job market, relationships between candidate and recruiter remain the most valuable asset to a recruiting organization. The Undercover Recruiter shows several interesting graphics pulled from this study, which depict the direction that recruiters should be heading, if they aren’t already. Missing out on the most effective ways to fill open positions (referrals and social networking) will have serious affects on an organization’s success.

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