HR Check In: Unique Ways To Step Up Your 2016 Recruiting Game

HR Check In: Unique Ways To Step Up Your 2016 Recruiting Game

Emily Check

Is your talent acquisition strategy lagging behind? With information and articles coming at you from every angle it might be hard to differentiate between what’s important and what’s not. This post gathers four articles that are worth paying attention to. They offer unique and forward-thinking ideas around employer branding, employee benefits, candidate nurturing and recruiting trends for the upcoming year.

5 Ways You Know It’s Time To Refresh Your Employer Brand (ERE Media)

An organization’s employer brand is similar to its consumer brand as it must be constantly evolving and adapting to a changing marketplace. Jody Ordioni, president of BRANDEMiX, shares results of a recent survey her company conducted that shows on average, organizations update their employer brand every 11 months. These 5 indicators will help identify if your company is ready for change:

  1. Your organization has gone through a real change
  2. Your competition has changed
  3. Your consumer brand has changed
  4. It’s been a while (longer than 11 months)
  5. You have trouble explaining your employer brand

Engaging Top Talent: Employee Perks Just Aren’t Enough Anymore (Talent Culture)

Free lunch, gym memberships, and unlimited vacation definitely make a job description more attractive to Millenials (and job seekers of any age for that matter), but what happens after that initial point of interest? What do employees really desire in their work environment? This article written by industry leader Meghan M. Biro, suggests that consumer-grade communication is key to retaining happy employees. This refers to modern, digital tools that employees use to collaborate and communicate instead of enterprise solutions—think similar to Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, but for business. Learn more about this work environment must-have that is often underestimated and overlooked.

4 Ways To Reduce Your Time To Fill With Candidate Nurturing (Bounty Jobs)

Looking to be proactive in your recruiting strategy? Check out this article written by Jen Dewar, about how to incorporate candidate-nurturing techniques into your hiring process. For any open requisition, recruiters are bound to find some awesome candidates that aren’t hired for one reason or another. But that doesn’t mean they should be forgotten. A few ideas that will get the ball rolling on candidate nurturing include:

  • Set reminders to follow up with candidates at key milestones
  • Engage with your candidates on social media
  • Send a talent newsletter
  • Create a talent community

4 Key Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2016 (LinkedIn Talent Blog)

LinkedIn recently released their Global Recruiting Trends report, which shares how talent acquisition will be transformed in 2016. One idea that really sticks out of this report is the power of relationships. Throughout each category, measuring quality of hire, sourcing quality hires, employer branding, and employee retention, the importance of strong relationships was the topic in common. Ready to start prepping for your 2016 talent acquisition strategy? Get started with this awesome infographic created from the Global Recruiting Trends report data.

Candidates are consumers, and providing them with a consumer-quality experience will go a long way when few others are. Read our new eBook, “The Talent Acquisition Leader’s Guide to the New Candidate Journey” to learn more about this topic and what to do about it.

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