HR Check In: The Dynamic Duo—Candidate Experience and Employer Brand

HR Check In: The Dynamic Duo—Candidate Experience and Employer Brand

Emily Check

As 2015 winds down and we reflect on trends in the recruiting space, it’s safe to say that candidate experience, employer brand, and recruitment marketing were three of the hottest topics. Unfortunately nailing these ideas isn’t easy. However, if executed effectively, an improvement in each of these areas can complement the other nicely. The four articles below explore ways to improve your company’s efforts in achieving these “must haves.”

Recruiting: 3 Ways to Improve the Candidate Experience (CEB Global)

The expectations that candidates have for their interactions with companies during the job search process are heavily influenced by their experiences as consumers. This becomes a huge risk for those companies that are hiring for high-volume positions (customer service or retail jobs) because their applicants could be current customers now, and also in the future. When a company makes a poor impression during the hiring process, it could cost them a great employee and a valuable customer. This article provides details on the following tips on how to improve candidate experience.

  1. Make everyone in the recruiting process aware that a poor candidate experience is a business risk
  2. Adopt a “candidate first” mentality
  3. Provide clear and transparent feedback to job candidates

Our Company Needs You: The Rise of Employer Branding (Business of Fashion)

The fashion industry, like many other industries, is experiencing a skills shortage that is a substantial threat to their business. In order to combat this increasing threat in 2016, companies need to take steps to boost their employer brand. By creating an employer brand that impresses job seekers, companies are able to fill their talent pipeline without as much hunting. Recommendations in this article include evolving messaging to attract the millennial generations, encouraging employees to promote the brand, and associating employer brand with a positive cause.

9 Statistics Behind What Applicants Want in a Candidate Experience (Business2Community)

Many recruiting organizations are working towards improving candidate experience for their applicants, but are lost when it comes to what matters most. Candidate experience is comprised of a variety of different factors and some are statistically more important than others. Here’s the list Business2Community put together based on their findings:

  1. Communication (34%)
  2. Being Told No (28%)
  3. Hiring Process Steps (21%)
  4. Human Contact (14%)
  5. Quick Replies (13%)
  6. Easy-To-Understand Job Descriptions (12%)
  7. Updates (10%)
  8. Application Confirmation (9%)
  9. Short Application Form (7%)

3 Reasons Recruitment Marketing Is The Best Way To Attract Great Candidates (Social Talent)

In today’s day and age, companies are competing for candidates just as much as candidates are competing for jobs. What does this mean for recruiting teams? They must get creative. Recruitment marketing techniques enable organizations to network across many different outlets, making it easier and quicker to find the perfect candidate for each unique role. 75% of Internet users have a social media account, which offers an immense opportunity for talent acquisition teams to reach a network of potential candidates on social outlets by leveraging social recruitment marketing efforts. However, with recruitment marketing becoming more and more saturated as the candidate pool decreases, companies need to be clear and creative in their approaches.

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