HR Check In: The Balancing Act of Recruiting

HR Check In: The Balancing Act of Recruiting

Emily Check

How do the best employers attract qualified talent, retain top employees, avoid hiring mistakes, and plan for the future? It’s a balancing act across entire HR departments, and something that takes constant monitoring and re-evaluation. Fortunately for talent acquisition professionals, there are plenty or resources available at the click of a button to help make their jobs easier. Check out a few of them below.

Want to Attract the Right Job Candidates? Repel the Wrong Ones (Fast Company)

When we hear about employer brand, it’s most often in regard to attracting candidates, not repelling them. However, it’s important to avoid attracting all types of candidates and clogging the recruiting funnel with the wrong talent. Companies should aim to attract candidates that are informed about the organization and therefore more likely to go through the interview process and ultimately accept a job offer.

This article offers suggestions on how to create “stickier” hires, by appealing to more informed candidates. Your employer brand should accurately convey the culture, job responsibilities, and growth opportunities that you can offer new hires. Providing this increased awareness into your company will create a narrower and more effective entry into the hiring funnel.

5 Clumsy Mistakes Most Recruiters Make (Social Talent)

Vetting and recruiting the proper candidates for a role is no simple task. There are many steps and processes that recruiters follow in order to ensure a streamlined process and positive candidate experience. It’s often the smallest details that can cause the recruiting process to go awry. Read more about these five easy-to-avoid mistakes that recruiters commonly make:

  1. Job Description is Not Inclusive
  2. Poor Application for Job Search Strategy
  3. Interviewers Bad Behavior During Interview
  4. Forget to Check the Candidate’s References
  5. Failing to Follow Up With Interviewed Candidates

Instead of Backfilling Jobs, Do These 3 Things (ERE Media)

One of the greatest challenges of a team leader is to maintain a team of high quality employees. However, due to limited bandwidth and pressure to maintain headcount, many managers live with mediocre talent on their teams for longer than necessary.

If you do have an under-performer on your team, the best way to deal with the issue is to identify the replacement ahead of time. Of course, the key to this is the recruiting process. Conducting information interviews is a good place to start, it will give the hiring manager an idea of the talent that’s out there, as well as letting the team know that the manager demands high performance from them.

Sometimes the best candidates for a role are the passive ones, which means hiring managers should always be recruiting, whether it be at a social event or a conference. Reframe your thinking as a hiring manager and start preparing for tomorrow, not just today.

How the Best Global Employers Convince Workers to Join and Stay (Harvard Business Review)

Companies spend tons of resources, dollars, and time on building a recognizable and well-respected brand, but they often ignore the part of their brand that represents what it’s like to actually work there.

Universum recently created the “Worlds Most Attractive Employers” list. These companies shared best practices from their employer brand strategies that leaders should consider to improve their reputation. This Harvard Business Review article does a great job of summarizing and pulling key information from the report. The following four areas stood out as areas to focus on:

  • Targeting the right talent
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Delivering on your promises
  • Confronting the facts

If you’re interested in taking your candidate experience initiative to the next level, then you’re going to want to read our eBook, The Path to an Exceptional Candidate Experience. You can find it below!

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