HR Check-In: The 2015 Recruiting Wrap Up

HR Check-In: The 2015 Recruiting Wrap Up

Emily Check

After an eventful year full of many advances in HR technology and the economy in general, it’s time to take a step back and consider everything we’ve learned. These four articles will help to tie together all of the loose ends in your recruiting strategy, and remind you what’s important to focus on in the upcoming year.

15 Employer Brand Best Practices You Need To Know (ERE Media)

If you hadn’t already noticed, employer brand was king in this year’s recruiting discussions (among other topics like candidate experience). So after a year’s worth of information, what’s really important to take seriously in your 2016 employer brand strategy? Experts say to always be clear about what you stand for and consider adopting a community concept in your employer brand strategy. When working on your strategy, understand that your world has changed and be aware of political risks involved. Also, think digitally and make sure your strategy incorporates mobile aspects. Don’t be afraid to look outside your own box and be creative!

9 Gifts Recruiters Really Want This Season (LinkedIn Talent Blog)

After a promising year for the economy, and a tough year for some recruiters, this article offers a few great ideas around what your talent acquisition team really wants for the holidays. Start with building out a great employee referral program, to give your candidate pool a natural boost. Then make sure you have a solid team of recruiting coordinators to keep things running smoothly in the office and take some of the burden off recruiters. Finally, garner your marketing team’s support on consistently improving your company’s employer brand. Read the article for more awesome ideas to keep your recruiters smiling.

5 Huge Lessons Recruiters Must Learn From 2015 (Social Talent)

What did we learn in 2015 that will help us hit the ground running in 2016? There was no shortage of lessons learned for the recruiting industry this year, especially in the social sphere. Take a look at the top five most notable social recruiting lessons:

  1. Social networks are going niche and private
  2. Emojis have gone mainstream
  3. We are officially experiencing a “purpose” revolution
  4. Big data has given birth to “micro-personalization
  5. Everybody needs to be in marketing

All of these lessons have a common theme—if you’re not recruiting with a social strategy in mind, you’re missing out on top talent everyday. Many of your best candidates live on social media.

Recruiting’s Magic Bullet (ERE Media)

It’s simple—companies need better recruiting content on their career sites. Doing this creates a differentiation between you and other companies, and it also lowers uncertainty within the application process. Many companies assume that because candidates are familiar with their logo and brand, they understand what it would be like to work at their company, when in reality candidates are familiar with just the customer experience, not the employee experience. Modern job applications ask for a significant amount of personal information, and in some cases the applicant doesn’t get much information in return. The content on your career site must give candidates a reason to apply and help them envision themselves in a role, making the opportunity seem more tangible.

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