HR Check In: Providing the Best Experience for Online Job Applicants

HR Check In: Providing the Best Experience for Online Job Applicants

Emily Check

It’s 2016, which means another year of upward movement in the digital space. More than ever, candidates will be searching and applying for jobs on mobile, social media, and career sites. As an HR professional, your goal should be to make that application process as simple and internet-friendly as possible. This encompasses many aspects—ranging from employer brand to candidate experience.

How to Boost Your Employer Brand on LinkedIn (Talent Pulse)

Interested in learning how to boost your companys’ reputation online? Read this Talent Pulse article written by Jorgen Sundberg, Founder and CEO at Link Humans. First things first, examine your company’s presence online. Do you have active Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts? These profiles need to be built out with content that is interesting to a reader, so that updates can be shared throughout a variety of networks. Get everyone on board—engaged employees will create an authentic employer brand that potential candidates will be drawn to.

3 Ways to Create an Ideal Candidate Experience (

The key to a killer candidate experience is making candidates feel valued. Even if a candidate isn’t offered a job at the end of the process, if they’ve enjoyed the experience, they’re more likely to spread the word with their network. To create that ideal candidate experience that every job applicant desires, try out these 3 techniques:

  1. Time-Sensitivity (speeding up the hiring process)
  2. Transparency (keeping applicants informed at all times)
  3. Ease (for the candidates!)

Dear Recruiter: Candidate Experience Real Talk (Katrina Kibben)

Katrina Kibben perfectly explains her experience as a candidate in this open letter to recruiters. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to understand what candidate experience really means. The story starts with a passive job seeker who is intrigued by a recruiter’s persistent effort to set up an interview. Unfortunately, it ends with an unhappy candidate who feels she was treated poorly through the hiring process. Lets face it—chances are that candidate isn’t likely to spread glowing reviews about the company. So how can recruiters avoid this negative situation? Learn what Katrina thinks.

Candidate Experience Watercooler: What Happens When You Have to Double a Team in a Few Months? (Bounty Jobs)

Sometimes talent acquisition teams are assigned lofty goals—like doubling a team’s size in a matter of months. The first thing compromised in this process tends to be the candidate experience. So how can we you avoid hurting the awesome candidate experience you’ve so carefully created while hiring at lightning speed? Make sure you’re giving the candidate a clear depiction of the company values as this is what 14.4% of candidates consider the most important marketing material a company can provide. Also, ensure that your hiring manager has the help they need to support an increase in interviews. 55% of candidates said their interview with hiring managers was the most important part of the hiring process.

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