HR Check In: Everything You Need to Know about Hiring in the Month of March

HR Check In: Everything You Need to Know about Hiring in the Month of March

Emily Check

Read this weekly round-up of hiring-related articles to learn everything you need to know for a successful recruiting month. First things first, the state of hiring is still strong, and candidates continue to hold the power in the process. So why not re-evaluate some of your tired recruiting techniques? From employer branding to social recruiting and mobile optimization, this week’s HR Check In covers it all.

Friday’s Jobs Report: What’s Happening With Hiring? (Huffington Post)

Wondering what the deal is with January’s “weak” job’s report? Check out this Huffington post article that dives into the nitty gritty of what a healthy economy really looks like. October, November, and December showed such strong growth in the number of jobs added that January came out looking non-impressive. But that doesn’t mean things are on the decline—151,000 new jobs is still something to cheer about. Another metric that tracks the current state of hiring is the quit rate, which has steadily been on the rise in correlation with the improving economy. This means employees see a positive outlook for the job market, and are more comfortable leaving their current position in search of a new one.

Don’t Make These 3 Employer Branding Mistakes in 2016 (LinkedIn Talent Blog)

By now, the majority of the HR industry is familiar with the term employer brand. However not everyone is comfortable with it, or ready to embrace the way job seekers want to receive information on employer brand. There’s no denying that your candidates are savvy consumers—they know where to look for information about your company culture (Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) and they expect the message on the outside to match the feeling they get throughout the hiring process (and beyond). Thankfully there are plenty of resources available to talent organizations to keep their employer brand process up to date. Read this article for more information.

5 Ways HR and Recruiting Could Buck the Trend (Sirona Consulting)

Oftentimes new ideas come up in the HR industry that generate buzz and attraction, but they don’t stick around for the long term. There are some trends that stick—whether you like it or not. Take mobile recruiting for example; companies that aren’t currently embracing it will have no choice but to adapt a mobile-first strategy by the end of this year. Social media is another big one—organizations that aren’t actively pursuing social networks as channels of marketing and recruiting are going to be seen as ancient and outdated brands.

Recruitment is Marketing: Embrace the Long Game (Candarine)

Only 25% of candidates in the job market are actively seeking employment. Three quarters of candidates could be persuaded to switch positions if an opportunity arose. This means all of that money recruiters throw at jobs boards, hoping the right candidate will come across the open requisition, is wasted on a minority pool of active candidates. Talent organizations must take advantage of the passive job seeker, those employees who are satisfied in their current position but still open to learning about other companies. If your inbound marketing techniques and employer brand message are strong enough, your company will be successful in attracting the 75% of passive candidates that might be the perfect fit for your open role.

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