HR Check In: Employer Brand is Here to Stay

HR Check In: Employer Brand is Here to Stay

Emily Check

Every company will find value in improving their employer brand, no matter how big or small. People want to work for companies with great culture, awesome benefits, and genuinely happy employees. Your company might have all these things but if you’re not marketing your positive employer brand to potential candidates, you’re missing a huge opportunity to convert them into applicants. Check out the articles below to learn how you can strengthen your employer brand and get the word out to the talent pool.

3 Things You Desperately Need to Understand About Your Employment Branding (The Tim Sackett Project)

Employment branding is top of mind for many human resource and talent acquisition professionals, however they don’t always know what they’re doing in this area. Tim Sackett offers 3 key pieces of information that most HR and TA professionals don’t realize about building their employer brand. First, employer branding is not just advertising, it’s marketing. Second, your employer brand is most valuable when it’s consumed organically, and not force-fed onto applicants. And third, your employees are the most powerful vehicles to share your brand (think network effect).

How to Use Employer Brand Management to Attract and Retain Top Talent (The Undercover Recruiter)

Often brand management and employer branding are used interchangeably. Combining the two phrases means managing the brand experience itself. It’s communication, elements of people management, the designing of processes and experiences used to reinforce the employer brand. Richard Mosley provides a 7-point plan for employer brand management, beginning with strategy and finishing with measuring your results.

Employer Branding: It’s There For Life (HR Zone)

Organizations consider employer brand most often through the eyes of the recruiter. How can we attract great people to want to work for our company? Your employer branding can form the identity of your organization, however it’s important throughout the entirety of the employment lifecycle—engaging, retaining, and transitioning them out of the business. There are infinite things that can impact employer brand, but the main challenge is to ensure that the organization can deliver what it has promised. Companies should start by evaluating their employer brand, and then put a plan in place to ensure the brand strategy is reflected in all touch points within the employee lifecycle.

How to Use Employer Branding to Become a Talent Magnet (Beamery)

Ben Slater asks readers of this Beamery blog to consider the employer brand of Google. What makes it so special? Why does everyone want to work there? It’s a combination of several factors, listed below. If you nail these, your company could be well on its way to becoming a talent magnet.

  1. Build Your Companies Brand on Social Media
  2. Leverage Your Employees
  3. Build a Career Page That Will Convert Applicants

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