HR Check In: Candidate Experience Is Here To Stay

HR Check In: Candidate Experience Is Here To Stay

Emily Check

Hopefully last year you learned a few things about the recruiting industry’s favorite buzzword, “candidate experience.” And if you took what you learned and put a strategy into action, even better. Candidate experience isn’t going anywhere in the new year, and will most likely become even more vital to your entire talent acquisition strategy. Read the following articles for information on continuous improvement strategies for your company’s candidate experience.

How To Create A Great Candidate Experience (Glassdoor)

As we continue to hire in an increasingly talent-driven market, candidates will continue to have options of where they want to work. The way that you treat your candidates will always have an affect on whether they accept a job or decline it. First, always review your current state—you must understand what the candidate goes through when they apply for a job on your career site. The next step of a great candidate experience is to communicate constantly throughout the process, don’t leave your candidates in the dark. A relatively simple addition to your career site is the option to connect via social media with your company.

9 Stats Key to Providing a Great Candidate Experience (Hire on Linkedin)

In 2015, 62% of companies stated that improving their employer brand was a top priority for the year. One of the most obvious ways to improve your company’s employer brand is to provide an exceptional candidate experience for all applicants, whether they are offered a job or not. This article written by Paul Petrone lists nine statistics that back up why candidate experience can make a difference in your employer brand. Here are a few that stand out:

  • 69% of candidates want to hear about the position’s responsibilities when reaching out
  • 83% of professionals say a negative interview experience can change their mind about a role
  • 59% of professionals want to hear from you whenever you have an update
  • 94% of professionals want to interview feedback if they are rejected
  • Only 41% of professionals have received interview feedback after a rejection

Why Candidate Experience Matters From First Touch to Last (Winter Wyman)

Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the details of your job, instead of the big picture. In the case of a recruiter, this means focusing on the details of the hiring process rather than the foundation of recruiting—which comes down to building a strong relationship with each of your candidates. First impressions are always important, but it’s equally as important to put your best foot forward throughout the entire process of hiring, from apply to onboarding.

How Can Recruiters Improve Candidate Experience? (Undercover Recruiter)

Check out this post by Undercover Recruiter for an awesome infographic that showcases statistics and suggestions on how recruiters can improve candidate experience for their company. The number one cause of a bad candidate experience is a lack of communication. This encompasses gaps throughout the entire process from the initial touch of the career site (poorly written job descriptions) to the job offer and onboarding (delays in delivering critical information). Candidates crave human contact and continuous communication about the status of the open position.

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