HR Check In: Attracting the Best Talent with Employer Branding & Social Media

HR Check In: Attracting the Best Talent with Employer Branding & Social Media

Emily Check

As a talent acquisition professional, it can be really tough to determine where to allot your time and effort. Thankfully, there are tools like employer branding and social media that will aid in attracting passive candidates by building your company’s brand. These four articles provide suggestions on how to attract the best candidates, without burning out your recruiting team.

6 Tips For Creating Great Employer Branding Content (Blogging For Jobs)

Most human resources professionals know that employer branding is a necessary attribute on any career website, but we don’t all know how to create the content to make your organization shine. 67% of employers believe retention rates would be higher if candidates had a clearer idea of what to expect when working at a company, before taking the job. This Blogging For Jobs article summarizes six tips on how to create employer branding content that can really make an impact.

Social Media Goes to Work – Is It An Asset or a Liability? (Social Hire)

Social media is not a fad, it’s a communication tool that has revolutionized the way people share and consume information. Have you considered the way social media has impacted candidate behavior? Or how it has escalated concepts like employment brand and candidate experience? This Social Hire article answers the question: what value do organizations truly receive from having a presence on social media?

23 Industry & Candidate Insights Every Tech Recruiter NEEDS to Know (Social Talent)

Looking to hire tech talent? These days, it’s easier said than done. According to a survey completed by Stack Overflow, almost 68% of developers already have jobs. This means recruiters must learn how to recruit passive candidates effectively in this highly competitive market. Although most tech talent is already employed, a staggering 78% of survey respondents said they would be interested in hearing about other opportunities, which is great news for the eager recruiter. This article pulls many other statistics that are extremely valuable for any recruiter that has open tech positions.

6 Ways to Enhance Employer Branding Through Your Careers Page (Wilson HCG)

Often a career site is a candidate’s first stop when looking to familiarize themselves with an organization. This means it’s crucial for companies to portray the right message in order to attract talent that really matches your business needs. Whether that candidate be active or passive, if the company’s employer brand isn’t portrayed accurately through it’s career site, it could lose out on top talent, or attract the wrong type of candidates. So how can you make this a reality for your company? Try these 6 suggestions:

  • Portray the value of your company culture
  • Optimize your career site
  • Core values: it’s what you do
  • Build a talent community
  • Applying for positions
  • Mobile

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