HR Check-In: Attracting Job Seekers With The Right Recruiting Tools

HR Check-In: Attracting Job Seekers With The Right Recruiting Tools

Emily Check

quality hires calculationRecruiters can never have too many tools at their disposal to attract the best talent. These four articles offer advice for modern talent acquisition professionals on simple recruiting fixes that can have significant affects on their overall success. The most prominent ideas expressed include: simplifying the job application process, integrating Google Analytics into your career site, creating a social recruiting strategy, and measuring quality of hire.

Why We Must Simplify the Job Application Process (Recruiting Blogs)

There’s no denying that the job application process for most companies takes far too long. In this Recruiting Blogs article, Eric Putkonen stands by his claim that it should only take ten minutes for a candidate to submit their application for an open position. He explains which information recruiters really need to make a decision on whether to move forward or not. And that doesn’t include cover letters, references, or an entire employment history.

How To Create a Social Recruiting Strategy (Undercover Recruiter)

Data doesn’t always have to be a set of complex numbers. Recruiters can dig up data in the most accessible places—including social networks. Statistics show that most people have four to five social networks. This means the majority of our society has a digital footprint, which provides data that recruiters can engage and communicate with. Social recruiting methods allow recruiters to reach candidates that they wouldn’t necessarily reach through traditional methods, and oftentimes they might be the passive candidates they’ve been searching for all along.

Why You Are Not Ready to Talk About Quality of Hire (ERE Media)

Quality of hire is another one of those recruiting phrases that falls under the “buzzword” category. But what does it actually mean and how do you measure it? Jim D’Amico lends some insight on this topic in this ERE Media article. He explains that although it is undoubtedly difficult to accurately calculate your quality of hire, it is doable. First steps include defining clear key performance indicators (or KPIs) to measure against, incorporating a structured interview process, and practicing quantifiable performance measure tests that are objective and not subjective.

Forget Big Data. Recruitment Has a Huge Data Problem (Recruiting Blogs)

Joel McLean explains that companies that don’t collect, organize, and analyze their recruiting data consistently and at scale are stifling their own innovation. He details five different recruiting analytics problems that talent acquisition teams should fix as soon as possible. Most of these problems fall within the realm of your career site, and can be solved with a simple DIY fix—integrating Google Analytics into your site.

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