HR Check In: Attracting and Converting More Talent in Less Time

HR Check In: Attracting and Converting More Talent in Less Time

Emily Check

Although no two recruiting organizations are the same, most of them share similar overarching goals: attract and convert more talent in less time. These four industry articles support that same goal by providing expert tips on recruiting with technology and improving your company’s candidate experience.

Five Recruitment Tech Trends To Keep On Top Of (Personnel Today)

Economic conditions are improving and hiring intentions for the coming year are high. The challenge comes with matching a shortage of candidates with the right skills to open positions. This article shares five recruitment technology trends that can help recruitment teams to get the right people in the door and secure them as employees. Understanding the meaning of the following terms will help with your progress in 2016: Contextualization, re-engagement, democratization, programmatic advertising, and personalization.

7 Stats That Prove Your Employees Are Your Secret Recruiting Weapons (LinkedIn)

Employees are one of your best resources for attracting talent to your company, especially over social networks. Any time an employee shares positive information about your company online, your employer brand becomes more visible and candidates are more likely to become interested in your company and apply for a job. On average, an employee has 10X the number of connections than a company has followers. This presents a huge opportunity for a company’s employer brand to spread among unfamiliar networks. Even more noteworthy, people are 3X as likely to trust information coming from an employee than from the CEO.

The Surprising Key to an Excellent Candidate Experience (Undercover Recruiter)

This Undercover Recruiter article tells the story of the positive impact an improved candidate experience can have on an organization. In this specific example, we hear about the Children’s Hospital of Orange County and how one individual narrowed in on the candidate experience and changed the dynamic of recruiting. Claudia Nakosone, Manager of Employment and Recruitment at CHOC, explains the three most important aspects of providing a positive candidate experience. First, always respond quickly. Second, connect candidates with the organization as much as possible. And third, reflect your organization’s values and mission.

5 Tips to Create a Winning Candidate Experience (Proactive Talent)

43% of job seekers that had a bad candidate experience wouldn’t apply to the company again. No company can afford to lose that high of a percentage of potential applicant. So what does a truly top-notch candidate experience look like? And how to do you get started? Follow these simple tips provided by Proactive Talent to begin the process:

  1. Step into your candidate’s shoes
  2. Offer more transparent communication
  3. Give and ask for feedback
  4. Prepare for interviews
  5. Offer an engaging onboarding experience

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