HR Check In: 4 Ways to Change Your Recruitment Strategy This Year

HR Check In: 4 Ways to Change Your Recruitment Strategy This Year

Emily Check

From company culture to hiring metrics, there’s always a way to improve your recruiting methods. And there is no better time to get a fresh start than the beginning of a new year. These four articles explain a variety of strategies that HR teams can experiment with to advance their hiring process.

5 Ways a Buyer-Candidate Recruiting Market Should Change The Way You Recruit (HR Capitalist)

Kris Dunn, of the HR Capitalist blog, writes about the change in recruiting now that it’s 2016 and safe to say we are out of the last recession (2007-2010). With any major change in the economy, the way people act and feel about their current employment situation also changes. Now that competition is less fierce, and fewer people are unemployed, or worried about becoming unemployed, companies are forced to adapt their recruiting techniques if they want to bring in stellar talent. Here’s a preview of the ways your company should be adjusting:

  1. Look better online
  2. Network for more referrals
  3. Have a story to tell

The 5 Company Traits Job Seekers Want You To Share (LinkedIn Talent Blog)

Whether you realize it or not, your company has an employer brand. It’s not something that is created, it’s something that is revealed. It’s up to talent acquisition organizations to share that brand with the world, and makes tweaks as your brand grows. The best talent are “job shoppers” meaning they’re out looking for information about companies before they even apply. Job seekers tend to evaluate companies on the three P’s: purpose, people, and positivity. HR teams can showcase their organization’s three P’s by sharing five company traits. Read this talent blog to find out how.

Your Next Employment Marketing Weapon: Culture (Glassdoor)

In the HR industry it can be difficult to know how to strategically compete against competitors that are hiring for similar positions. So typically, recruiters and hiring managers begin with a discussion around salary, which often ends up being a deciding factor when a candidate is offered a higher salary elsewhere. This common situation is one that all HR professionals want to avoid. It’s easier said than done, however this Glassdoor article offers some awesome ideas on how to make your company’s culture the “sticky factor,” the aspect that keeps candidates on your team, even when a higher salary might be lingering on an offer letter in their inbox.

4 Hiring Metrics That Will Make a Difference This Year (

This year, the most successful talent acquisition teams will focus on metrics that provide insight into quality of hire and productivity. Once TA teams begin focusing on metrics that increase the quality of hire and decrease employee turnover, they’re more likely to recruit talent that will impact the organization in a positive way for years to come. Here’s a look into the most important metrics for 2016:

  1. Sourcing Mix (knowing where your hires are coming from)
  2. Interviews-per-hire (as a ratio)
  3. Time to Acceptable Productivity
  4. Revenue Generated per Employee by Job Function/Department/Team

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