HR Check In: 4 Articles To Help Make Your Recruiting Process Awesome

HR Check In: 4 Articles To Help Make Your Recruiting Process Awesome

Emily Check

It’s no secret that things have changed in the last couple years. The power of the job seeker has grown exponentially as the economy has improved. Your company’s old school, technologically outdated recruiting process is no longer up to par with job seeker expectations. But don’t worry, there are plenty of cost effective ways to draw the best candidates to your open positions, whether they are looking or not. Take a look at the four articles below for some innovative suggestions.

Your Company is Awesome But Your Recruiting Process Stinks (Forbes)

Forbes Contributor, Liz Ryan, shares an interesting perspective on the recruiting process at most companies. There are certain problems in life that we need brought to our attention by others, and a terrible recruiting process is often one of those problems. It’s difficult for HR teams to notice and understand the weaknesses in their company’s hiring process when they’ve never even been through the experience. And you certainly can’t expect your candidates to step up and criticize the process, when all they want is for you to hire them. Learn how top talent acquisition teams solve for this common dilemma. Here’s a hint: it starts with your current employees.

A Thought Experiment: Why Employer Branding Matters SO MUCH (Recruiting Blogs)

Imagine if the sales team at company XYZ wasn’t supported with quality sales content? Once they finally get that prospect on the phone after cold calling for weeks, the lead hangs up and decides to look up the company website. But the company doesn’t show up on a Google search, doesn’t have detailed information, graphics, videos, or resources to read about the product. That lead would have to be desperate to buy something to actually go through with the purchase, right? The same idea relates to an applicant searching for a job. Why would they apply to a company that has no employer branding, and doesn’t offer them any information about what it would be like to work at that company?

6 Surprising Insights of Employee Engagement (Talent Culture)

Raising employee engagement became one of the highest priorities for organizations in 2015 according to a Conference Board CEO Study. This is a great sign—it means leaders are finally acknowledging the value in sustaining happy employees. Increasing employee engagement isn’t a simple one-step process, and it’s different for every company. It shouldn’t just be a department, or a survey, it should be a deeply engrained part of company culture. And everyone knows that a positive workplace culture helps keep employees happy, building your employer brand naturally and attracting outside talent with less effort.

Gen Xers: Skills, Strengths and Shortcomings (ERE Media)

There’s so much buzz around Millennials in today’s economy, but let’s not forget about Generation X. They make up a significant percent of the population and bring valuable characteristics to the table. They tend to have a strong respect for company culture and intense work ethic. These non-disruptive workers are crucial for your company’s success. Now the question is, how do you recruit and retain them? See below for a preview of the tips in this article by Peter Keseric.

  • Preach long term stability in the interview process
  • Don’t expect them to push back an interview
  • Be ready with answers about past layoffs or division closings
  • Talk about the 401(k), not the sales goals that get them a trip to Maui.

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