HR Check In: Easy Ways to Enhance the Candidate Experience

HR Check In: Easy Ways to Enhance the Candidate Experience

Emily Check

This weeks round up of recruiting-related articles all educate the reader on realistic ways to improve the candidate experience and hiring process for job seekers. In today’s growing job market, companies can’t afford to miss the boat on providing an awesome candidate experience. Candidates that are turned off by an outdated application, weak employer brand, or confusing hiring process, will move on quickly to the next opportunity.

Recruiting on a Budget? 5 Free Ways to Enhance the Candidate Experience (The Muse)

Many recruiting teams are overwhelmed with the task of attracting talent and filling positions with a less than impressive budget. Fortunately, there are ways to make the most of the budget you do have, by utilizing the free techniques described in this post. First, start by beefing up your employer brand by adding some personality and excitement to your job descriptions, career site, and social media pages. Second, always be responsive to your applicants so they know what their status is, and if they do come in for an interview, be sure to treat them as a host. Third, spend the time to train your interviewers so the experience isn’t awkward, and always provide real feedback at the end of the process.

Get Your Candidate Experience Right For Unsuccessful Applicants (Manpower Group)

Not every company has trouble attracting candidates. In fact, companies with well known brand names often have an overflow of candidates, so many that they have trouble sorting through them. If this problem resonates with your talent acquisition team, you’ll want to check out this Manpower Group article. It details how to stay in touch even if a candidate wasn’t selected for a role, how to be more personal and less automated with your responses, and how to respectfully ask for feedback from a candidate even after you’ve turned them down. It’s important to consider the unsuccessful candidates when assessing the experience you provide, because they aren’t biased with a positive response, like many of your successful hires may be.

Your Employer Brand Owns Your Candidate Experience (Talent Culture)

An all too common problem in the workplace is employee disengagement and a bad (or non-existent) employer brand. After a while, these internal company problems end up trickling outside into the recruiting process and turn off potential candidates. How can we prevent this negative cycle? First, look at the employee experience you’re providing, and then look at the hiring experience, or candidate experience you offer. Are you communicating throughout and putting yourself in the shoes of the candidate? Are you providing a genuinely positive employer brand or do you need to address your employee engagement and satisfaction first and foremost? Read this advice from Meghan Biro, talent acquisition expert and Forbes writer.

Recruiters: 5 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd (Undercover Recruiter)

There are tons of recruiters out there with the same goal in mind. And it can be extremely difficult to stand out and impress job seekers when you are blending in with the rest of the recruiter crowd. This article offers five meaningful suggestions on how to stand out as a recruiter, including specializing in a certain area, finding a focus, being exclusive, being proactive, and sourcing candidates in creative ways. The author reminds the audience that recruiting is a strategic activity, although it’s not always treated that way.

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