Do Something Useful

Do Something Useful

Nicole Lindenbaum

“Always desire to learn something useful.” – Sophocles

Today’s post comes to you from Jibe Marketing Manager, Nicole Lindenbaum.

When you look up a word in the dictionary, you expect to see a definition of the word, and possibly some synonyms. A very useful feature of Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary is a list of example sentences that show your word in use. For example, if you look up the word “useful” itself, you will find the following:

Useful Def

Check out the third example here. “The Internet is useful for finding information quickly.” I would personally amend this example. The Internet is only useful for finding information quickly because engineers and programmers have made it that way through innovation and development.

If you remember way back when, to the early days of the Internet, just having websites and access wasn’t enough to be useful to anyone. Before Google came along, it was extremely challenging to derive much value from the web. If you couldn’t find the information out there, how much use was it really? The web had to be crawled and indexed and then represented to us in a useful way so that we could make the most of it. (thanks, Google!)

So by now, you might be wondering what this has to do with recruiting. As the Internet emerged and began to evolve, it began to make sense to put job applications online. The reach to potential candidates would be far greater. Candidates would be able to apply from anywhere! They wouldn’t have to go to a post office to mail in an application that may never reach the right person. Recruiters could standardize field entry to make it easier to compare candidates. They wouldn’t need to file away paper resumes, and might even be able to scan their own database of resumes for the best candidates. Technology made it easier for recruiters and candidates to connect, leading to an overall better experience for everyone.

20 years later, we’re well into a mobile recruiting world. But the very technology that once revolutionized recruiting is now bogging down talent acquisition professionals. Today’s recruiters are inundated with applications, yet they struggle to get data from the systems they have invested in. And it’s even worse for the candidate. As great innovations have been made in other areas of technology, we’ve all come to expect a certain standard. From my phone, I can do my banking, I can order food, I can check the status of a flight. And yes, I suppose I can also make a call. But I can’t always apply for a job. Even if there is an online application available, it’s not truly useful to your potential hires if they cannot apply from their device of choice.

At Jibe, we’re making technology more useful – both for talent acquisition professionals and for candidates. Rather than developing solutions based on the process they are meant to solve, we build them based on the people that are using them. Built using responsive design, Jibe’s software enables recruiters to optimize their career sites and apply process for mobile. Our clients see an improved experience for their candidates, who are able to apply from any device. Ease of use generates greater application conversion rates. And recruiters themselves can make better decisions when they use the easy-to-read, customizable, real-time dashboards in our Recruiting Analytics™. Finally, all the disparate data that exists in multiple systems can be unified, thereby making it truly useful to the recruiter.


Moreover, user experience, usability, and usefulness are so essential to Jibe’s core beliefs that we are hosting our very own Hackathon with this theme in mind. For those unfamiliar with Hackathons, they are competitions for software developers to collaborate intensively on projects. There are sometimes themes – ours is “making the web more useful” – and there are often rewards for the best project, which will be the case in the Jibe Hackathon as well.

If you are interested in making the web a more useful place and participating in Jibe’s Hack the Web Hackathon on Saturday, June 21st, you can find more information and register here.

We hope to see you there.

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