DevPost #1: The Innovation Collective

DevPost #1: The Innovation Collective

Boris Kozak


Today’s post, the first in a series of contribution from the Jibe Development Team, comes to you from Jibe’s Director of Engineering, Boris Kozak.

I may be biased, but I’ve always considered the Jibe development team to be the heart of the company and a key contributor to our firm’s success. So when Jibe’s blogmaster recently asked if I could contribute a post to highlight some of the things that make the dev team here stand out from other enterprise software engineering groups out there, I jumped at the chance. The difficult part, of course, is singling out the one thing that set us apart. But I’m going to try.

First and foremost, it’s not just the endless snacks, gratis lunches and ping pong table that keep us going and make us stand out. Those are all nice, but we’re certainly not the only tech startup to offer such perks. No, it’s much, much more than that. In a word, it’s freedom.

We don’t just talk innovation at Jibe, we actually live and breathe it every day. And the only way to truly foster innovation is to allow your team the freedom to experiment. We are language and platform agnostic at Jibe, encouraging our dev team to use whatever language they want – so long as they can justify it. Currently, we use a mix of node, Ruby, Java, Backbone and Angular… as well as a small army of Capybara robots. Tomorrow, we may add something else. Again, as long as it can be justified and makes good, sound business sense for our customers, we’re all for it.

And you know what? This coding freedom works. By allowing our artists – and yes, we do think of them as artists – to pick their own paintbrush, so to speak, we’ve been able to bring some really cool solutions to market. We’ll get into more detail about those in future “DevPosts”, but the ability to experiment and bring these innovations to life in our software is a big reason why Jibe has experienced the growth it has up to now.

Our customers in corporate recruiting appreciate the fresh approach we take to technology, particularly our zeroed-in focus on improving the user experience, both for them and the job seekers they serve. We’re only able to offer this because we foster innovation through freedom and experimentation. We don’t want to follow the same path others have, because we’re determined to change and improve the way people hire and get hired.

And it’s not just coding freedom we believe in here at Jibe. We also employ a flat structure across the team to keep us all humble and on the same page. We allow for complete mobility, encouraging our team members to gravitate toward the disciplines they’re most interested in, which encourages a deeper skillset development that benefits the team, the company and the customers we serve.


Oh, and did we mention the snacks? Those are endless.

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