Chicago, That Toddling (and Recruiting) Town

Chicago, That Toddling (and Recruiting) Town

Mike Roberts

“You know what they say about Chicago, if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes.” — Ralph Kiner

With all due respect Mr. Kiner, we didn’t have to wait at all. We were in Chicago earlier this week and the weather was consistently glorious. You know what else was glorious? The Fall 2013 ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo, which the Jibe team just returned from. That’s the gorgeous view from our hospitality suite.

In addition to enjoying the fabulous weather, we reveled in the opportunity to network with senior-level talent acquisition professionals who came to hear from their peers and industry experts about what’s new and next in the recruiting arena. Everyone we spoke to agreed this event is getting better and better with each passing season.

Oh, and we got to show off our new duds. Check out our booth, all shiny and ready for it’s debut just before the expo floor opened.


As a platinum sponsor, we got the chance to really show off our new brand. But the best thing about the show, as always, was the wealth of new ideas, trends, and the chance to chew the proverbial fat with some of the best and brightest from across the talent acquisition spectrum.

It was great to have real discussions about so many of the themes that emerged from our Talent Acquisition Survey, which we released at the show. Here are just a few tidbits we heard on the floor and from the stage:

Mobile Recruiting is still a hot topic. As the next generation enters the talent pool, desktop-focused recruiting platforms simply aren’t enough to connect with today’s on-the-go candidates. There’s a real fear that a poor mobile experience may cause great candidates to abandon the application process and ultimately damage the employer brand.

Big Data is big today and will be even bigger tomorrow. Every recruiting professional now has multiple technology tools at their disposal, yet they struggle to capture and integrate the data that is coming from these sources. Manual workarounds abound, costing time and causing huge amounts of frustration.

One talent acquisition leader I spoke with succinctly captured this need for better analytics and data management capabilities by relaying his current method to optimize his hiring practices. He said he regularly conducts his own mini focus groups asking top-performing employees to share their thoughts on how to reach more candidates just like them. This is the right idea for sure, but it’s time-consuming for all, somewhat unscientific and ultimately not ideal for him or his organization.

Without prompting, he expressed his desire for a technology solution that would enable him to develop an ideal employee profile — based on real on-the-job performance – and then assess his candidate pool for potential hires with similar characteristics. This would enable him to more efficiently and consistently identify and hire the best quality candidates for each job opening. He also bemoaned that his current application process is not optimized for mobile job seekers. So, even if he had the tools to find the best quality candidates, he knows he might lose them during the application process.

With the Jibe Apply App and our new Recruiting Analytics solution, we are constantly working to help recruiters overcome these very frustrations. We make it an absolute point to get out to events like ERE to speak directly with talent acquisition professionals to understand where their pain lies so we can develop solutions that will actually help them do their jobs better.

With that in mind, and Chicago behind us, we’re off to Atlanta next week to attend the MREC13 Mobile Recruiting Conference. While there, Jibe CEO Joe Essenfeld will be sharing stories from mobile job seekers about their experiences — good and bad — searching and applying for jobs from their phones, and I will be participating in a panel that will explore technology trends for mobile talent. And of course, we’re all gearing up for the annual HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas Oct 7-9. See you there!

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