Building A New Core for Jibe’s Candidate Experience Platform

Building A New Core for Jibe’s Candidate Experience Platform

Mike Roberts

A few years back, Jibe found product market fit in the recruiting software marketplace with our mobile apply solution. As smartphones went from nice-to-haves, to a staple in candidates’ everyday lives, talent acquisition professionals very quickly became aware of the drawbacks of poor mobile experiences—or lack any mobile experience—offered by their ATS.

Since deploying mobile apply, our clients have seen astronomical improvements in their mobile application completion rates—some going from 8% to as high as 82%. What we found in 2012, however, was the need for consumerized candidate experience was far greater than just mobile apply—companies needed a solution that met candidate expectations every time they interacted with an employer on the web.

At that time, we knew building a comprehensive candidate experience solution would be no easy feat. In 2015, we set out to build a world-class foundation, what we call the New Jibe Core, which is the engine that makes our candidate experience platform run today.

Jibe Core in 2014 Vs. Today

The backbone of every great platform is a scalable, secure and reliable software foundation. Over the past several years, our product team has poured everything it’s learned about ATS integration, the dynamic technological expectations of modern candidates, and what companies require to effectively hire the best talent into building the New Jibe Core. Some specific enhancements are below.

Infrastructure built for scalability and reliability

In the competitive, global economy, leading companies can’t afford career site and apply flow downtime. Candidates need to be able to apply wherever, whenever. Today, Jibe clients are on a solid multi-tenant core built for reliability and stability. Updates to the SaaS foundation are deployed globally and without lapses in service.

Backed by an experienced customer success team, Jibe Core leverages automation and other quality control technologies to proactively identify and resolve any client issues in real time. We have processed tens of millions of applications in the past few years, and making that process seamless on the front-end is something we take great pride in.

Major overhaul to search functionality

Among a long list of candidate expectations ATS’ are unable to meet, on-site job search is near the top. People in general have become so used to the simplicity and intuitiveness of services like Google search, they have little patience for lackluster search experiences. Unfortunately, most ATS still offer search functionality that may have been acceptable a decade ago, but not today.
career site search functionality

Screenshot from Jibe’s Example Career Site: Morton Financial

Since 2014, we’ve built and rolled out a major overhaul to our search functionality. It consumerizes the search experience, using Google-like capabilities such as type-ahead and autocomplete in its queries, as well as offering candidates the option to filter search results, search in multiple languages, and identify jobs most relevant to them based on location (for instance, our smart polygon-based search won’t show a New York City-based candidate jobs in New Jersey, even though it’s only a few miles away).

Addition of the Jibe API

A great misconception in the area of consumerizing candidate experience is that a creative agency can cover up the ATS and job seekers won’t know the difference. That may be the case, until they try to use the search bar or when they hit the “apply now” button only to find themselves in the outdated ATS apply flow. That no longer has to be the case with the relatively recent introduction of the Jibe API.

Jibe’s API allows integration with our functionalities such as search and apply to become programmatic, so third parties can create consumer-quality career sites rather than just putting a nice façade on a back-office ATS. Some companies use the Jibe API to make use of Jibe’s SEO-friendly landing pages, so candidates can find jobs right from Google based on their experience, job category, or location. Partners are always finding interesting ways to use our API.

Advancements to security

Securing personal information is, of course, continuously on the top of many talent acquisition leaders’ minds. We have made a concerted, dedicated effort to not only stay within the confines of current compliance requirements mandated by law, but also to stay ahead of what’s to come by creating world-class securities and controls. This is an area that requires continual monitoring, as encryption as well as personal information issues and mandates are dynamic.

Only As Strong As Our Weakest Link

They say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so to build the strongest chain possible we broke down each individual link and determined what it would take to make it unbreakable.

Everything we’ve learned about candidate experience, ATS integration, and recruiters’ needs has been poured into our latest version of Jibe Core. This is the foundation for our Candidate Experience Platform, and enables all of our next-generation functionalities around recruitment marketing (talent networks, job alerts, email campaigns, etc.), data-driven recruiting (dashboards and reporting tools), and much more.

Candidates are consumers, and providing them with a consumer-quality experience will go a long way when few others are. Read our new eBook, “The Talent Acquisition Leader’s Guide to the New Candidate Journey” to learn more about this topic and what to do about it.

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