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Employer Brand Vs. Corporate Brand: What To Know

Are your organization’s employer brand and corporate brand working together seamlessly? Probably not, but you’re not alone. Last year BLR found that only 27% of firms had an employer branding strategy in place, while Universum reports just 20% of companies have one strategy combining the two. Employer brand and corporate brand are not entirely the […]

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How Small Business CEOs Are Catering To Millennial Workers

Young workers between the ages of 18 and 35–Millennials–have quickly become one of the most coveted components of the U.S. workforce. They’re eager to find meaningful work and not yet jaded by decades of office politics. Plus they’re the most educated generation we’ve ever seen. So it’s no surprise that many CEOs of small and […]

june 2016 jobs report

June Jobs Report Brings Good News For Recruiters

Another month, another jobs report. June’s labor market figures from the BLS were largely positive, a welcome respite from the recent negativity in the global economy. Overall the U.S. jobs market increased by 287,000 new workers in June, and the unemployment rate rose only slightly. Other indicators such as the labor market participation rate and […]

passive candidate recruiting strategies

Recruiting Passive Candidates In The Job Hopping Era

When we talk about talent acquisition, we typically use the active voice. HR leaders utilize data in the most effective ways. Recruiters pursue the best candidates via the latest technology. Sometimes we even go hunting…for purple squirrels, that is. And while it’s incredibly important for recruiters to stay (pro)active, there is a passive elephant in […]

candidate driven economy

Candidate-Driven Job Market: What Recruiters Need to Know in 2016

Much has changed since the Great Recession, including the job market. Compared to 2008, or even just a few years ago, candidates now have far more power during the job search. High demand for specific skills paired with extensive wait times to fill open positions mean applicants can be more selective about the roles they […]

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Employer Branding Content: The Top 10 Topics Candidates Care About

Most recruiting teams have branched into content in some respect. Talent acquisition is now coordinating employee-written testimonials, posting updates on social media, and even hiring writers, designers and videographers to produce stories about their employer brand. But what types of content actually motivate candidates to apply? Recruiters focusing on content want to make sure the […]