how to recruit millennials

How to Recruit Millennials: Going Beyond What Worked In the Past

Millennial workers are like no other generation in the workforce. The 53.5 million 18 to 34 year olds searching for jobs today are more digitally connected than their older colleagues, and their expectations for the job market are constantly changing. Adapting to these preferences while maintaining your unique corporate culture can be difficult. But it’s […]

gig economy and recruiting

Flexible Jobs: How the Gig Economy Is Impacting Recruiting

Tired of the standard nine-to-five workday? You’re not alone–across all industries over 20 million people work part-time for non-economic reasons. The prevalence, and general acceptance, of more flexible working arrangements has led to a wide range of non-traditional work days. Flexible jobs mean different things to different people, but they can include: working remotely/from home, […]

leadership and employer branding

5 CEOs Who Make Employer Branding A Priority

Companies promote themselves and their products through corporate branding, and they promote their reputation as employers through employer branding. Much in the same way that a business tries to sell its services or products to consumers, employer branding is an attempt to “sell” the business to potential job candidates. Those with the strongest employer brand […]

generation breakdown by age

Working Generations: Breaking Down Candidates Based On Their Age

Candidates of all ages can be found in most workplaces. From entry level recent grads to Baby Boomers and some septuagenarians still clocking in every morning, the U.S. labor force spans multiple generations. And the dynamics within and between different generations are important for recruiters, as younger candidates constantly rise up to fill the shoes […]

diversity and inclusion in recruiting

Should You Share Diversity & Inclusion Numbers? Google Thinks So

Diversity in the workplace is a common topic at an increasing number of businesses. Do our employees reflect our customer base? Are we missing out by hiring based on cultural fit and institutional bias? But now the digital age has pushed the issue to a new, more transparent level. Many journalists and analysts are uncovering […]

interview experience tips

Interview Experience: 3 Simple Ways To Give Candidates What They Want

The interview experience is an integral part of the candidate experience, and recruiters should pay just as much attention to this step as they do the rest of their talent acquisition strategy. So you have a gorgeous career website and a seamless ATS–what’s the point if your interview process leaves candidates turned off and dissatisfied? […]