Recruiting Tactics: 4 Quick Tips For Better Results On LinkedIn

Recruiting Tactics: 4 Quick Tips For Better Results On LinkedIn

Michael Altiero

Recruiters and LinkedIn. It’s been a match made in social media heaven ever since the social network launched in 2003. Even though many recruiters were (and some still are) skeptical of recruiting on social media, LinkedIn was generally regarded as the exception to the rule. But despite the large number of recruiters on LinkedIn, many aren’t using it to its fullest potential. So why should recruiters care?

Data from the Talent Board showed that LinkedIn Career pages came in as the 3rd most popular candidate research channel. Clearly job seekers are using LinkedIn during their search at record numbers, and you can bet that if they are researching a company, they are ALSO researching its recruiters.

In order to take full advantage of this job searching trend, recruiters will need to step up their LinkedIn game. To help you get there, we have gathered four tips that will turn you into a LinkedIn recruiting master.

1. This Sounds Simple, But Complete Your Profile!

I doubt this is the first time you have seen this tip in a blog post on social media. And even though it sounds redundant, it still baffles me just how many incomplete profiles still exist on LinkedIn, especially among HR and recruiting professionals.

Start by having a good profile picture. Don’t leave it blank, and try not to use a blurry, poorly cropped picture. Candidates will search for you, and many times this is their first impression of you as an employee.

Also make sure to include your complete work history and add skills to your profile. These will help beef up your profile and make your first impression that much better when a candidate stumbles up you on LinkedIn.

But there is one recruiting tactic for LinkedIn profiles I didn’t mention here. And that’s because it deserves it’s own section…

2. Have A Detailed Summary

Perhaps the most important part of a recruiter’s LinkedIn profile is the summary. While just a tiny section in your profile, it has the potential to be so much more. For starters, clearly outline what you do at your company and how long you have been there, as well as past work experiences.

Your summary also allows you to inject some personality into your profile by sharing some of your personal attributes. It also is a great place to help boost your company’s employer branding by explaining why you love your job and your employer. Employee engagement and happiness is extremely important to potential candidates, and your LinkedIn summary is a great place to show it off. This is one tactic recruiters can’t overlook.

3. Share More Than Jobs

LinkedIn is a great place for recruiters to share jobs that they are trying to fill. However, don’t make job postings the only updates you share. There are plenty of other things you can and should be sharing with job seekers.

A great place to start is your company’s LinkedIn profile. If they are sharing content daily, be sure to engage and share it. This is even more applicable if your company page has its own dedicated careers section. This is another great way to help out with employer branding.

You can also share content from other LinkedIn users and industry publications. Sharing job search tips and resume advice articles may not seem like a big deal, but potential candidates will find them helpful. Also, don’t forget to share videos (especially if they are from your company’s YouTube account!).

4. Don’t Forget To Be Social (And Not By Only Sending InMail)

This is my standard advice for all recruiters on all SOCIAL media channels. And LinkedIn is no exception. The easiest way for recruiters to engage with job seekers is by joining LinkedIn groups and joining in the discussions that are ongoing. There are tons of recruiting and job search groups. Give them a try and you’ll see the positive results.

Also be sure to engage with updates from other LinkedIn users. Whether it is from a job seeker or a fellow recruiter, this is a great way to build relationships.

One thing to avoid, however, is only sending InMail. While this LinkedIn staple has its uses, many job seekers and LinkedIn users today see this as spammy. You want to be seen as a valuable resource to candidates, not a spammer!

Have any more helpful LinkedIn tips or recruiting tactics? Tweet them to me @michaelaltiero and I will include them in a follow up post!

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