3 Reasons Why Mobile is a Must for Your Recruiting Strategy

3 Reasons Why Mobile is a Must for Your Recruiting Strategy

Nicole Lindenbaum

When was the last time you forgot your phone at home? How did you feel, spending an entire day or evening away from it? Did it send you into a panic? Did you run back into your house to get it, even though you were going to be late?

It’s no question that we are glued to our devices today. We rely on them for news, work, entertainment, communication with loved ones, and more. So why not take advantage of this mobile obsession and reach your best candidates via the device they live and breathe?

There are many reasons to optimize your application process for mobile. Here are three that I hear consistently from recruiters:

1. Application Conversion Rates

We’ve all come across sites that are not mobile optimized; it quickly becomes a frustrating game of zoom in/zoom out and accidental fat fingering. 80% of job seekers search for jobs on mobile. If you don’t have a search that is mobile-friendly, they may abandon your site without even looking at your open requisitions. If they manage to get through the search to find a job they are interested in, you need to give them a way to apply right then and there via a mobile-optimized apply flow. It will be nearly impossible for them to complete an application from their phone if it is not built on responsive design. If candidates have to email the req to themselves for later, they may never return to apply. Application conversion rates are a key metric of recruitment strategy, and mobile search and apply are crucial to improving this KPI.

2. Candidate Experience

As the economy continues to strengthen, it’s becoming a candidate’s world. If you aren’t providing an excellent candidate experience from search to hire, you risk losing top talent to other organizations. It all starts with having a seamless application experience. Candidates expect to be able to apply anytime, anywhere. If you give them a bad mobile experience, it will reflect poorly on the entire recruitment process.

3. Employer Brand

A bad candidate experience damages your employer brand. Candidates will perceive a lack of mobile in talent acquisition to be indicative of how your company operates – with outdated technology, a company that operates behind the times. They will walk away with a negative impression, and they may not apply. The consequences don’t stop there though; they may tell friends not to apply to your organization, and they may even avoid purchasing your product.

In short, it’s time to take charge of mobile and discuss how it fits into your talent acquisition strategy. If you are looking for ways to improve your recruitment, mobile is a must.

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