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The last step to converting qualified job seekers into quality applicants is the job application. Complex login credentials, compliance, and assessment questions rooted into the standard application, along with employer and job-specific questions, contribute to job seeker abandonment.

Apply shields your job seekers from direct interaction with your ATS via an intuitive application interface. Apply’s deep ATS integration allows you to collect the same information from a standard ATS application, but with a superior candidate experience. An improved question structure, organization, and flow, reduces time to complete an application resulting in better data quality and completion rates.


Linkedin Easy Apply

Jibe has partnered with LinkedIn to create Easy Apply - a full version of Apply existing within LinkedIn. LinkedIn Easy Apply eliminates disruptive job board-to-career site transfers and ATS log-in steps for job seekers on LinkedIn. When compared to standard apply traffic from a job board, LinkedIn Easy Apply results reveal a 120% increase in application conversion and a 54% increase in application quality.

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Marketing opportunities exist each time job seekers interact with your brand. Job applications are no different. Apply matches your corporate and career site branding while allowing you to configure application flow details with flexibility unavailable in standard ATSs. Apply allows you to customize question placement, fonts, colors, and styles. Application submission page business rules exist within Apply to issue special deals, benefits, alerts, and coupons, etc. for your job seekers.

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Complex Question Types

Since 2013, Apply is battle-tested across 10 major ATSs. In addition to profile, employer, and job specific questions, Apply supports conditional “if-then” logic, knock-out questions, compliance forms (EEO, OFCCP, eSignature, etc.), job seeker source inputs, and many types of assessments. Apply pre-fills your job seeker’s applications with data from previous applications and parsed resume data.

Unified Application Flows and Log-ins

Do not let a complicated multi-ATS ecosystem impact your candidate experience. Apply connects any number of supported ATS application flows behind-the-scenes so job seekers need only one login for one consistent application experience. Social sign-on across supported ATSs will soon be introduced to further reduce application start friction.

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Apply Analytics helps evaluate the effectiveness of each stage of your application flow by providing detailed analysis on a question-by-question basis, across multiple segments. Jibe connects Apply data to information in other parts of the candidate journey to give you complete context for making decisions.

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