Jibe Recruiting Analytics™

Talent acquisition professionals spend a lot of time pulling and manipulating recruitment data. Getting clean, accurate data to analyze and then using it to drive strategic recruiting has remained a challenge. Until now. Jibe Recruiting Analytics brings together recruiting data from many of the systems you use and equips you with the real-time business intelligence you need to drive strategy, make informed decisions and demonstrate value.

Turn Data Into Decisions

Jibe Recruiting Analytics takes recruiting data – regardless of where it resides — and translates it into actionable information. With Recruiting Analytics you’ll get real-time data that gives you the ability to see what’s going on with your recruiting efforts, from initial job posting all the way through to hiring. You can configure dashboards to display the information that’s most important to you and export it into beautifully formatted reports to share with others. With insights provided by Recruiting Analytics, you can make informed, strategic recruiting decisions.

Improve Efficiency and Data Integrity

Recruiting Analytics seamlessly integrates with your back-end systems and eliminates work that was previously manual. Jibe will partner with you to review your sourcing and ATS reporting strategy to ensure you get the data you need to make smart decisions. When you launch with Recruiting Analytics, you’ll know you’re working with clean, reliable data from the outset for a comprehensive — and accurate — view into your recruitment activity.

Make Your Data Meaningful

Having data at your fingertips only helps you if the data is meaningful. Jibe Recruiting Analytics graphically summarizes all of your recruitment data, such as job distribution channel and applicant conversion rates, at every point in the hiring funnel. You can effortlessly filter data by specific criteria such as region, job board or job type, giving you maximum flexibility and on-demand insights. Members of your team can configure their dashboards to display the information that’s most relevant to them. And all Jibe products boast clean design and simple user interfaces, giving your entire team reports and dashboards that are easy to read and therefore easy to use.